Monday, December 06, 2010

LEGO Advent Update!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle somewhere else...

Ok, it's time for the update of the 2010 LEGO City Advent Calendar. I've been carefully opening each door each day in order to see what exciting new toy I'll get. As you may recall, the first day's surprise was a snowman. Well, the next day we got...


It's Jimmy!

Jimmy is a dangerous little boy who runs around with a sword half the time, terrorizing his family and generally annoying those who have to live with him. In addition to his sword, he usually wears a hoodie, blue jeans, and a red hat. Although you can't see in my fuzzy phone picture, he has freckles and an evil grin that bodes poorly for you if he gets you in his sights.

Dec 3rd 2010:

Jimmy's Skateboard

Jimmy's first present this Adventmas was a skateboard. He immediately set out to torment the neighbors, dodging traffic and running down pedestrians. His only nod to safety was the helmet he put on before first going out. The helmet was later seen adorning a neighbor's garden statue. It is unknown if Jimmy still wears it when he goes out skating.

Dec 4th 2010:

Jimmy's Crane

Jimmy then received a play crane with tractor treads. He immediately set about building a clubhouse for his military guys in his mother's garden, using anything he could get his hands on for building materials. Jimmy's mother, well used to not having nice things, only watched in despair as the trellis she had built came down and was reconfigured into a bomb shelter.

Dec 5th 2010:

Jimmy's Drumset

Jimmy's mother left the house after Jimmy opened this present from Uncle Bob, a brand new drumset! Jimmy played for hours, driving the rest of the family out of the house to buy earplugs. Jimmy also found that the drumsticks were useful for other things, like poking a grumpy cat. Jimmy was only mildly surprised when the cat ripped one of the drumsticks to shreds. Never mind, Uncle Bob will get him a new one!

Dec 6th 2010:


Sally and her cat

Now that we've met Jimmy, let's meet his sister Sally and her cat Princess Frumbles del Toronado Squiggle la Fluffybot 2000 Sharpclaw the Magnificent, aka "Shredder". At the moment, they are waiting for Sally's Adventmas gifts to appear, as we've only gotten up to Dec 6th and she's just shown up.

More ADVENTures to follow as I open more of the little doors on the LEGO box...