Thursday, July 04, 2013

Oz awards

Eric and I just put our collective Wizard of Oz awards on the wall. The first award is in the lower left, and it's Eric's 1997 Winkie Award. In the lower right is *MY* Winkie Award (I'm still stunned that they chose to give it to me, all I do is write the newsletter during the convention and send out the newsletter the rest of the year... that's not really a lot). At the top is Eric's brand-spanking-new L. Frank Baum Memorial Award.

We decided that they need to be properly displayed before the Oogaboos come to visit next weekend (July 12-14), and so we put them up on the upstairs wall next to Eric's Oz room. I also wrote about the award in the paper, just because I could (and heck, somebody from Sunnyside winning a national/international award OUGHT to be news, darn it!).