Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Sunday Review

My library book this week was Divergent by Veronica Roth. A girl growing up in a dystopian version of Chicago learns that she's not normal when it's time to select a faction to join. I started this on a Saturday night and finished it the next morning, and it was hard to put down. Some bits were very open and freeing, while others were extremely distressing. I got into a fairly negative mindset while reading it, and the ending didn't really help much. I guess I enjoyed it more than disliked it, but I'm really getting tired of reading about dystopias in children's books. I almost need to nice cleansing Wizard of Oz books to chase away the darkness after reading this.

My mystery book this week was The Alpine Pursuit by Mary Daheim. Drama becomes deadly in Alpine. There are a lot of red herrings in this one, and while there's almost enough information to figure out the mystery, the critical clue is one that the reader literally doesn't get until Emma goes in for the final interview. The repercussions of what happened in Nemesis continue, but it only makes sense in the context of the overall story. This was far from the best book in the series, but it has its strengths. If you want to start the Alpine series, I strongly recommend starting at the first book, The Alpine Advocate.