Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Sunday Review

Time to get back to some reviews. I really should start posting here again... I just don't feel like writing after a full day of deadline writing. Maybe I'll get back to it, now that most of my audience is probably gone.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jan 1st
  • Aquaman #26 - This is a promising start! Lots of humor, a bit of drama with Mera and the Atlanteans, a bit of Aquaman still belonging to the surface... and a giant beast attacking Reykjavik! Ah Jeff, you didn't let me down.
  • Justice League Dark #26 - Ok, that wasn't what I was expecting dark Aquaman to be or to do. But it's kind of awesome, all things considered. I do wonder what Constantine was up to with that locking thing, though.
  • Fables #136 - So we know who has the missing part. But what the heck is all this about Rose and Snow's mother? And why did the Lady of the Lake react that way? Oooh, I love it when I get hooked by a story thread!
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz #5 - I wasn't expecting *that* particular betrayal. The art needs work, and the female characters need clothing, but otherwise it isn't too bad.
  • Twilight Zone #1 - I can hear Rod Serling's voice narrating. And I found myself pulled into the story right away. Can't help but hate the guy, but the whole thing is fascinating. My only complaint is the "to be continued..."

My library book this week was Dragonbreath #8: Nightmare of the Iguana by Ursula Vernon. Wendell is having horrible nightmares but dare not tell his mother. We learn a lot more about Wendell in this one than we really want to know. The poor guy. Also, a return of a previous character and a little more about the bus system, including the tantalizing fact that it works for regular people and not just mythical creatures like dragons. I'm not sure how much education was in this one... ok, not much of any. But it was still fun.

My mystery book this week was The Alpine Quilt by Mary Daheim. When a former Alpine resident returns for a visit, Vida becomes quite unlike herself. We get to learn a bit about the past in this one, although pretty much all the huge revelations come at the end. I was stymied for a bit, then I started to piece together the same things Emma did. The reason for the murder was a suprise to me, however. In total, I think I really enjoyed this one, just for the way everyone reacted to Vida no being her usual self. Although the introduction of a new potential love interest for Emma (and the events of their first date) was pretty hilarious. If you want to start the Alpine series, I strongly recommend starting at the first book, The Alpine Advocate.