Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday morning

I'm actually doing ok this morning... Time seems tight, mostly because my home laptop takes forever to do anything, so I have stopped messing with the net on it most of the time. That makes it hard to write blogs, because this app on the iPad is a tiny bit crappy.

Anyway... hubby-Eric and I are doing well at the moment. He's had a longterm sub job, which means a higher paycheck. Nice. 

Not much else I can report while typing with a stylus, so I will try to update more later.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jan 14th
  • Justice League United #8 - And... they fail. All over, end of universe, right?
  • Green Lantern Corps #38 - Back to more normal stories, it appears. This was a good little start to a tale. Not really my cuppa, but at least it's a story that doesn't crossover half a dozen titles.
  • World's Finest #30 - Still more tales of the other universe and how things got to be the way they are.
  • Arrow: Season 2.5 #4 - With what's happened in the show since this storyline was set, it's almost painful to read.
  • Smallville Continuity #2 - A mess of heroes, and no Aquaman. Blah.
  • Astro City #19 - Whew. One heck of a story going on here. I was moving smoothly through it until the injury and Crackerjack's response to it. Then it got pretty intense. Looking forward to the finish of this one.
  • Spongebob Comics #40 - I really enjoyed the Kick the Can story. Mostly it was just the usual stuff. Funny and silly, but not a lot of substance.
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales from Oz #6: Zamora - Shades of Wicked in this one. Not a bad story, just kind of strange. And the art is actually mostly decent.
  • Doctor Who 10th #6 - A bit of a mess of a storyline. I get the gist of it, but I'm not sure who the characters are that I'm supposed to be following besides the Doctor and Gabby. I can't even tell which soldier is writing the letter. I do like the title of the story, though... the Angel of Mons is a pretty famous tale.
  • Twilight Zone #11 - All the storylines are starting to weave together into a final single climax. This... this could be pretty good, actually.

Fortean Times #318
Fortean Times #318 (September 2014). It's been awhile since I reviewed this mag. Not out of lack of interest, but rather out of lack of time and energy. This issue is about wildmen, particularly the of the English variety. And to get very particular, the type that appear in church carvings in Suffolk. The cover is a neat tribute to the figures, which are described and photographed for the readers' pleasure. Along with the survey of churches is descriptions of fairly recent sightings of things that could be the hairy wildmen. Overall, a nicely written article that was fun to read.

Another major article of this issue is about Doctor Who and written by my old online friend, Paul Cornell. He does a good job of making the argument that Doctor Who is all about Forteana, and hits all the high points of Fortean topics mentioned/shown in the show, along with extensive notes so people can check it out for themselves. Another excellent article, which means this is a pretty good issue to go hunt down and read.

But wait, there's more! The third major article is a survey of houses in London where notorious murders occurred. Naturally, a place like London accumulates a lot of history, and some of it is quite nasty. This article is enlivened by reproductions from the Illustrated Police News of the various murders along with some modern photos of still existing houses. Way cool. Fascinating tales with good illustrations make this a keeper.

The final major article is about rats in mazes and is also fascinating for the pseudo-science it reveals. I didn't love it quite as much as the first three articles, but it was also solid and fascinating, which is all I really want from this magazine. The experiment for the Expectancy Effect was a nice sidebar to the article as well. It shows all too well that scientists are only human.

Strangedays has the usual mix of crazy and cool, including some neat photographs that defy reality, green puppies, and stone orbs. There's a piece on very old trees (5,000 years old) and less old but still very mature animals. There's also a page of follow-ups, which I always love to read. Another piece is about the practice of propping people up in lifelike poses at their own funerals... um, no thanks.

Ghostwatch goes into Ouija boards and cases surrounding those. Archaeology looks at giant earthworks becoming visible in the Amazon as deforestation increases, along with a few other short pieces on other recent discoveries. Classical Corner visits Egypt and the low opinion of it held by ancient visitors.

Alien Zoo covers a missing tusk, giant rabbits and a snake that looks like a rooster... at least, the head of the snake looks like a rooster head. Fairies, Folklore and Forteana is about the sale of cauls. If you don't know what they are, look it up. I'm not explaining it! UFO files is the usual... including a nicely explained sighting that a person described as a dementor from the Harry Potter movies. I won't tell you what it actually was (go get the magazine!) but the piece ends with "There is nothing more frightening than the ordinary when seen out of place." The casebook discusses the possibility of teleportation and UFO sightings. Phenomenomix is the second part of the piece about August Strindberg.

The Forum has two articles, one on scientists using tricks to get headlines and the other on an ongoing fight between mainstream British Judaism and the followers of Kabbalah. Both are informative. The reviews are lovely. They start out with a book and a published response to that book, giving one a 9 and the other a 2. Plenty of slams to enjoy! Guardians of the Galaxy is also reviewed, and gets a high rating. The letters were good and informative. Now, I have a few more issues to read. I wonder how long it'll take me to catch up?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Dec 24th
  • Aquaman #37 - Every time Aquaman's mother turns up, the story goes to crap. So far it hasn't, but I'm not really holding out much hope here. I like the "new" history of Gorilla City. There's some good stuff here. If only I wasn't absolutely certain I'm going to hate it when she actually appears.
  • Secret Origins #8 - Dick Grayson, Animal Man and Katana? I'm not interested in any of them, really, and these new origins are rather... um... Let's just say Animal Man has gone completely off the rails and Katana has never made less sense.
  • Harley Quinn #13 - Um. Wow. I'm really not sure how to feel about this book. It's both wonderful and awful at the same time. And the cause of Power Girl getting her memory back. Wow. I think I need a brain scrubber.
  • Red Lanterns #37 - So, we're finally moving into the endgame. I like Simon, and I'm not a Guy hater, but I'm really tired of this storyline.
  • Sinestro #8 - Wow, annoying Sinestro saves the day? At least, that's what seems to be happening here.
  • Green Lantern Annual #3 - Ah, that's where Sinestro redirected the thing. That makes sense. He was actually still following the plan. Which I'd forgotten about since it happened so long ago. And Kyle is doomed? Nifty.
  • Batman '66 #18 - Yay, a Batgirl story. That was fun, if really odd. The Archer story was even funnier. Yeah, I'm sure that could be done while he was distracted by a joust. Yup. Only in Gotham.
  • Doctor Who 12th #3 - I love it when time really comes into play. Don't get me wrong, a good set piece in a particular place and time is fine, but sometimes the aspects of time travel really rev a story up. This one has that potential.
  • Jan 7th
  • Aquaman and the Others #9 - I agree with Cole. They need to catalogue those guys hanging out in Torrez.
  • Green Lantern #38 - Poor Hal. He gets a little time off and Guy has to come and make it interesting.
  • Earth 2 #30 - Ah. Avatars of the various elementals. I wonder how this will play out? I was certain that Aquawoman would be the avatar of the The Blue. Strange how that didn't work the way I expected.
  • Justice League 3000 #13 - A new ally? I wonder if bringing Booster and Blue into this would make it even sillier? Probably. But the promise of the splash page has me waiting for the next issue.
  • Flash: Season Zero #4 - How many people are they going to lock up in that prison before the inevitable prison break happens? Interesting use of Dr. Wells' future-tech, though.
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #8 - As goofy as this book is, it's fun to take the nostalgic trip through my childhood cartoons. Though in some ways the return to the "present" was the best moment of this issue.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #7 - This is still part of the really annoying Spider-verse crossover, so I'm not entirely sure what's happening. I like the steampunk Spiderwoman, but honestly, without a plotline I can follow, this isn't really appealing.
  • Doctor Who 11th #6 - This is a really difficult read. I think it's worth it, mostly... but it's still difficult to read. I feel like I missed something about Jones in there, though.
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #6 - Wow, that's a ... a ... bookend, perhaps. It's a way to complete the Usagi Yojimbo saga without requiring a stop. It's a simple story, but so much more. Wow. Sakai is a master at his craft.
  • Fiction Squad #4 - Nice frame up. Frankie really isn't that great a detective, is he?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Blogging from the iPad

I thought I would give it a shot, since my poor computer is nearly dead. Strange thing, Google hasn't updated its blogging app for years...

Anyway, here's a blog. Whee.

These, if the photo comes through, are cheese zombies. A school lunch favorite around this area. A co-worker was selling them to raise money for the swim team her son is on. We bought some because it's fun to tell people we're eating zombies for dinner.

Ok, let's see if this posts.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evening Thoughts

Where to start?

Let's start with the cat, since that'll bore everyone to death. Inkwell has learned to sit when I'm preparing his food dish. He recognizes that if he's sitting, he'll get the food faster. Inkwell has also found a new spot to sit. I used to have a garbage can next to my chair under the table. I moved it to the other side of the table. Now Inkwell sits where the garbage used to be. And sometimes bites my arm. Just because.

Yesterday I had two events to cover in the schools. One was an afternoon assembly at a local elementary school, the other was a couple of basketball games at the high school. The afternoon assembly featured The Reptile Man, who brought a number of reptiles (who'da thunkit?) to the school. The first animal he brought out was a snapping turtle that was large and actually somewhat terrifying. He also brought out a blue-tongued skink, then the snakes. The kids ooh'ed and ahh'ed at each new animal, sometimes squealing.

He asked for a volunteer, and a young lady put her hand up without thinking it through. She very shortly after had a boa constrictor wrapped around her. She was terrified. The curious snake put its head in her face to "taste" her and she looked absolutely petrified. When the Reptile Man explained how to untangle yourself from a snake and asked her to take the snake's tail while he held the head, she kept squeaking every time she touched the tail and it moved. Eventually they got the snake off her and she bolted back to the stands.

About seven volunteers got to hold a large python. They were very impressed. Then there was the alligator, Lucy.

Lucy came last. As the Reptile Man brought her out, she started to pee profusely all over the gym floor. This, of course, got the children laughing uproariously. He said Lucy would go to sleep on the count of three... that didn't quite work, but he explained it as "alligators aren't good at counting." At the end of the program, he allowed every single child in that gym to pet Lucy, if they wanted. Some didn't want, but most did. I got lots of good pictures. And, after the children left and I was chatting with the Reptile Man with a teacher, Lucy let loose another stream of pee... fortunately it hit the teacher and not me.

Later I went to a couple of basketball games at the local high school. I was warned ahead of time that one of the players on the girl's team was about to break the school record for most points scored over the course of her high school career. My boss wasn't sure how many she needed to score, but told me to get her picture. So I focused on her every single time she got the ball in the first half. Which was often. The "problem" is that this particular team is really selfless... if they think someone else is in a better spot to score, they will dish the ball to that person rather than take a bad shot. And so the scoring was really spread out among the various players. Just before the half, the player scored 10 points and very nearly scored another time. I saw how every administrator and the refs tensed up when she did and realized her next bucket was the one.

As the third quarter started, I was totally focused on the player. I ignored every other player, thus I got a picture of the shot where she passed the record (10 had tied it). As soon as she made the shot, the refs called a time out and she was presented with the game ball. I jumped out onto the court and got some pictures of her crying. Later I also got a picture of her holding the game ball... after the game and after she'd had time to fix her makeup.

The boys game following was a letdown, but I didn't stay for long. I got my photos and left.

Today was a bit more tame, including a meeting tonight. Overall, I'm just exhausted now. I'm going to go to bed real soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Morning Thoughts

Last night was a debacle.

I had two meetings scheduled. The first, at 5:30, was the public works subcommittee meeting. This is a city council subcommittee, which means three council members (Jim, Dean and Craig) are on the committee. In addition, city staff from the public works department comes to present and answer questions. In this case, the public works folks were Jackie and Shane, the director.

I was running a little late, having relaxed a little too well after my regular workday, and ended up racing into the meeting room about a minute after the meeting should have started. To my surprise, the only people there were Jackie and Shane. After registering that I couldn't be late to a meeting of people that weren't there, I asked the usual reporter question of "wha...?" and was told that Dean was on vacation, but neither Jim nor Craig had given any indication they would miss the meeting.

Well, I pulled up my trusty iPad Mini and got Jim's phone number, since he's the mayor. However, being a reporter and not staff, I wasn't sure if I should be calling him. Shane, with a sigh, took over and made the call. Shane's phone was loud enough that both Jackie and I heard both sides of the conversation clearly. Jim had not put the meeting on his schedule... maybe he didn't get the e-mail, maybe he forgot... but he hadn't realized it was happening. Also, Jim had gotten calls from a couple of other council members, the council meeting might be sparsely attended.

So Jackie gleefully went home and Shane and I chatted about various projects, off the record. Then when I spotted Councilman Jason heading into the council chambers, I suggested we move to that room (we were in a conference room in the Law & Justice Center). Shane and I walked over and settled into our usual spots, chatted with Jason a bit... and people started arriving. First came the regulars, Larry and Don, who attend virtually every council meeting as citizens. Then some staff members, the city clerk, the city manager... Craig came in and I asked him why he'd missed the public works meeting. He also hadn't realized there was a meeting. In fact, he was certain the meeting was scheduled for the next council meeting night, two weeks away.

The Mayor came in (in our city, the mayor is just a councilman elected as the mayor by the other council members) and announced that it was possible there would not be a quorum. He'd heard from Deputy Mayor Theresa and Councilman Spencer, both called in sick. Dean was already known to be out of town. That's three of the seven missing for sure. Jim said Francisco would be late, if he showed, due to a parent/teacher conference. That's four of the seven missing... no quorum so no action could be taken.

So the three councilmen, Jason, Craig and Mayor Jim, sat in the council chairs until 6:30 p.m. when Jim called the meeting to order... then immediately adjourned it for lack of a quorum.

I spent an hour at the police station for no reason. Except to have a fun story to blog about this morning.

I immediately sent emails to the editor so he'd know what happened before the day started. Then I headed home for a relaxing evening. It was a very strange evening. A total debacle.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Afternoon Thoughts

It's lunchtime, and I'm at home having consumed a little meal and fed the cat.

Tough morning at work, dealing with strange emotional issues. And I have lots of things to work on that aren't getting done... such is life.

My computer is now taking between 3 and 20 minutes to load any website. It's really frustrating, especially since I've gone over it with as many anti-virus and malware scanners as I can find, and nothing seems to actually be wrong with it. It's just an old enough computer that I guess I just need a new one. It's served me well, but I wish I could get through my websites and feeds and it didn't take 20 minutes to load a link to share on my blog.

Anyway. Back to work.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Dec 17th
  • Justice League #37 - So, this was ok, but not great. I'm tired of most of the team just laying there, and I honestly would prefer something other than the "big three" leading the story. But it isn't horrible. Just not what I want from this book.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 - Back to Kyle, who is an idiot as usual. And then there's a frontal assault on Highfather, who is as bad as Darkseid. So, are there any good guys in this book, really?
  • Multiversity: Thunderworld #1 - A nice sweet Captain Marvel adventure... with Morrison twists in time to make it deeper and more worrisome than it ought to be. Eek.
  • Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #6 - Still no Aquaman, but I like that the two plotlines have finally merged. And letting a viper on the team is interesting.
  • Arrow: Season 2.5 #3 - Quite a cool final page with the return of an old friend... but I'm so tired of the Brother Blood stuff.
  • Smallville Continuity #1 - Considering how little I like this series of series, I'm not sure whether I should be happy Aquaman is missing or upset.
  • Teen Titans Go #7 - Robin, you really don't want to be a teen idol. At least Aquaman made an appearance in this. He seems to show up a lot in this version.
  • Fables #147 - Not sure what bothers me more... that Brandish can't die, or that everyone just stands around letting him look for his own head.
  • Doctor Who 10th #5 - I'm liking Gabby even more. She has a tendency to be kind, and that worked much better than expected. Having her get an open invitation like that at the end (two of them, actually) made for a nice turn of events.
  • Oddly Normal #4 - Ah, bullies. Why do I feel like jumping in and attacking them? At least she found some folks who are friendly.
  • Peanuts V2 #24 - Some decent little tales in this one, but how did Charlie Brown get off the ice?
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales from Oz #5 - Ok, the "guest" appearances in this one did get a belly laugh from me. Of course Glinda claims the only sane one. Nice.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Morning Thoughts

Inkwell loves his catgrass so much that he put it on his Amazon.com wishlist.

Doctor Who fans rejoice! In addition to the awesome Doctor Who: Legacy game, there's going to be a Doctor Who LEGO set! Leisure time has never been better for Who fans!

I would write more, but my computer is taking a half hour to complete each task I give it, so I'll try to write again later. Perhaps tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Morning Thoughts

So Inkwell is so addicted to catgrass that he'll actually go into the bathroom, which he's scared of because it's where he gets his showers. He will sit at the door of the bathroom and look at me hopefully, meow... then he'll go in and get on the counter, waiting for me to bring the catgrass down for him to nom on.

The catgrass "lives" in the windowsill of the bathroom because that's the one window in the house that gets the best light and is difficult for Inkwell to reach. He seems inclined to try to jump up to it, but I keep filling the bathtub, which is right under the window. He gets pretty spooked by the water.

Ok, random Doctor Who picture:

So, is this photoshopped, or what?

Another view of vaccinations: Roald Dahl's story.

I would write more, but my computer is being incredibly slow, so I'll just post this and get to work.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Evening Thoughts

I'm a bit upset about the Seahawks' loss, but it's not as bad as I feared it would be. Yeah, I think the pass attempt was the wrong call, but 24 hours later I think I get why they did it (to mix up the plays) and I'm just more impressed by the Patriots' defense on that play. I still think the 'Hawks should have tried one more running play, but... hindsight is 20/20.

One thing I've noticed. After the Seahawks' first Super Bowl loss I was angry and bitter due to the crappy referees and the general cheating by the league and the Steelers. Despite the notion that the Patriots cheat, the game itself was clean and exciting, and I really don't feel any bitterness at all. I will never be a Patriots fan, but I don't hate them like I still despise the Steelers (and I will continue to hate the Steelers until every member of that Super Bowl cheating team is gone from the league. *ahem*).

I'll go ahead and rant a little next, after the cut, about vaccinations and the lack thereof...

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Dec 3rd
  • Aquaman and the Others #8 - I'm intrigued at this one. I don't like the Operative, and I'm sure he's capable of what he's been accused of, but I wonder if he really did it.
  • Earth 2 #29 - Ok, this is just a bunch of Elseworlds. I get it.
  • Sinestro #7 - As I recall, Soranik was kidnapped by Sinestro then remained for reasons of her own. The whole traitor charge doesn't ring true.
  • Green Lantern #37 - Oh Hal, what have you done, showing Black Hand that particular place?
  • Justice League 3000 #12 - Poor Beetle. I'm not sure how I feel about this book, but Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are a definite improvement.
  • Flash: Season Zero #3 - Way too many people with powers concentrated in one place.
  • Doctor Who 11th #5 - I actually quite like the alien in this one, and I'm warming up to Jones, who started out pretty pathetically. Alice is simply an excellent character all around.
  • Twilight Zone #10 - At this moment, I believe I know how this story will end. If it doesn't end that way, I'll be satisfied. If it does, I'll be ok, but mildly disappointed.
  • Fiction Squad #3 - Frankie is really in the wrong story. And Simon... sheesh. As soon as Frankie said to tail her, I knew it would happen.
  • Dec 10th
  • Justice League United #7 - Still a bit of a mess of a story with all the Legionnaires to keep track of along with the JL crew. At least there's a goal now.
  • World's Finest #29 - More of the past of a different universe. I can't even tell when this is supposed to be taking place.
  • Green Lantern Corps #37 - Wait... did Stewart just promise to murder innocent civilians to get back at somebody who murdered innocent civilians? I'm not sure I like how this is going.
  • Astro City #18 - An origin story, and a good one. Maybe not the best issue of this book, but since the worst issue of this book is tons better than the best issue of most other superhero books... anyway. Good stuff.
  • Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #3 - This is a really fun one. But then, any time you have a tessalating tower, it's gonna be fun. I'm particularly amused by the multiple pages that are reversible.
  • Spongebob Comics #39 - Some of the gags were fun. No Mermaid Man, but it was ok overall.

My Kindle book this week was The Secrets of Ordinary Farm by Tad Williams and Deborah Beale. The sequel to The Dragons of Ordinary Farm, this book takes place the following summer and starts to show off more of the talents of the children. I would not try to read this without reading the first book, there is way too much that references the first book and far too much to understand... As for the story: with intrigue all around them, can Tyler and Lucinda hold the farm together? Tyler is a true teenager in this, and Lucinda has some moments where she nearly makes things much easier for everyone, until Tyler gets in the way. Like the first book, as soon as I finished this one I wanted the next one. Fun, but read The Dragons of Ordinary Farm first.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Afternoon Thoughts

It was a long week.

Not a lot to report on, really. I haven't been reading my RSS feed, so I don't have any good links. Looking forward to the NFL game tomorrow... I have absolutely no idea who will win. The teams seem fairly evenly matched to me, but I'm no expert. I keep going back and forth on whether or not the Squishy Ball Scandal has any meaning in the scheme of things. The NFL is such a messed up organization, I can't really bring myself to care about the nonsense that has little to do with the actual game. I do think Jon Stewart's comments on The Daily Show about the fines that Lynch has gotten being more than corporations are fined for destroying the environment is spot on.

This morning I heard a *thump* at the sliding glass door. When I pulled the curtain aside I say a small, terrified pit bull looking at a larger long-haired dog. The pit bull cowered against the window while the bigger dog looked up at me and trotted around the corner of the house and away. I tried to shoo them both away, but the pit was so terrified he just huddled there. Inkwell came racing down the stairs to see what was going on and started making a variety of growls. The little pit just stayed on the porch. Eventually the bigger dog came back and the little pit peed on the porch in terror. I went ahead and called the cops. Both dogs had collars, so I presume they both got loose from their respective homes.

Inkwell has been agitated since the event, checking to make sure no new animals are in our yard every few minutes, and curling up on my lap as often as he can push the computer off. Like right now.

Otherwise, life is pretty boring.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Morning Thoughts

And boom, there goes my streak again. Apparently I have enough time to read books but not enough time (or willpower) to post to my blog. Ah well.

It's been a frustrating week, work-wise. I have been up and down, but never quite on the right footing. My assignments are getting done, barely. After the long meeting on Monday I just feel off. Last night I was taking pictures of wrestling, but the meet started an hour later than originally scheduled... and I had to rush off and go to a school board meeting before the meet was over. Ug.

Cupcakes at the school board meeting... I tweeted a photo of one. Celebrating how great the school board is. Admittedly, it's apparently a great school board, but that gets mentioned a little too often, I think. On the other hand... cupcakes!

Another long day ahead today. First I need to go write about the school board meeting, then I need to head off to get photos at a cheerleading camp. Then tonight, basketball photos. I must remember to put my camera's batteries on the charger when I get to work.

Not much to report on the home front. Inkwell has been needy lately, which makes me worry that he might be sick. But he seems energetic enough. I'm keeping an eye on him to see if he shows any signs of a problem.

Ah well, I'm off to work early. See you in the funny pages.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Morning Thoughts

So, I took a nap when I got home yesterday only to have a cat on my face about 6 p.m. letting me know that he needed his dinner. The nap helped, however... I feel much better today.

This is probably the best way ever to announce a snow closure:

And, grumpy Laura says: people who don't vaccinate their children because of stupid, non-scientific reasons should not be allowed to put those disease-carriers in school. This dad agrees, as his son cannot be vaccinated for genuine medical reasons and the 7 percent exception rate at his local school puts his child in terrible danger. Parents who are unreasonably fearful of vaccines due to Googling anti-vax sites should not be allowed to put children of intelligent parents who actually understand science in danger.

Not sure I'm cool with stooping to their level, but a gay lawmaker is sick of the hypocrisy and has threatened to out fellow lawmakers' affairs to point out that they don't actually sanctify marriage as much as they claim.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I don't really have the time nor energy to post much this morning. Last night I was at the City Council meeting, which lasted 3 1/2 hours... and this morning I've got to write about it. So my energy will go to that.

Oddly enough, when you have a meeting like that, everything else becomes secondary to it.

So I'll be back later with links and actual thoughts.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I haven't been writing consistently. I have no excuse to offer. I just haven't done it.

Maybe because my life is boring... I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind to write about is "deflategate" or "ballghazi" or (my personal favorite) "the squishy ball scandal". My first response on hearing it was to shake my head and say it wasn't possible. The refs handle the football almost every down, which means the difference had to be subtle enough they didn't notice it. That made me think there wasn't much to the scandal. But then someone did an analysis of fumbles by the Patriots, and suddenly I doubt my own doubts. If the Patriots have been cheating, they've been getting away with it for years.

I've been training Inkwell to sit when I am preparing his food for him. He does it maybe one out of every five times now. This morning he sat patiently while I got his food ready. That was pretty neat.

Starting my third week of calorie counting. My Monday morning weigh-in says I've lost one pound since last week. My first week I lost three pounds, which was probably mostly water. I started up exercising again this week... let's see how long I can keep it up.

After the last Seahawks win, I've had a particular song going through my head a lot... "It's not how you start, it's how you finish."

This Huffington Post article about addiction makes perfect sense to me. I'm addicted to a lot of things that are not "addictive" in the chemical sense. Which is why I dare not try alcohol, even if I wanted to. In short, addiction is caused by dissatisfaction, not by just by chemicals.

I'm doing Relay for Life again. If you want to donate, visit my profile page and contribute.

Lastly, here's Inkwell learning about catgrass:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Nov 19th
  • Justice League #36 - Not much of Aquaman... just a patient. And Aquaman isn't entirely human, either, so I would have expected a different effect on him. Oh well, can't win 'em all.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 - After all he went through to get the ring, Kyle just hands it over to the first pretender? No... just no. This is a silly part of the plotline.
  • Harley Quinn #12 - Hubby-Eric got this one because of the Power Girl appearance. It appears we should have gotten more issues. This is a pretty fun, if very very odd, book. I like the pug.
  • Multiversity: Pax Americana #1 - I have a feeling I would understand this book if I read it a couple more times, but I didn't like it enough to want to reread it. A conundrum.
  • Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #5 - That beginning was such a tease for me. To almost show me gaslight Aquaman, but never get any closer than his people's ships? How dare they! As for the rest, fun. But I really need some Aquaman soon or I may have to drop this book.
  • Batman '66 meets Green Hornet #6 - I have a feeling that Batman suspects Green Hornet's secret at the end, but it's hard to say for sure. I was certain he'd say he knew by the end of the mini.
  • Batman '66: The Lost Episode #1 - This deluxe issue contains the story, the original penciled artworks (all of it!) and the original script for the episode written by Harlan Ellison. Wow. I'm amused by the story, and I enjoyed it overall. And it's nice to have the extras.
  • Astro City #17 - A sweet little tale of sadness, one that I think made me fall in love with the book yet again. I swear, you want a super-hero book, this is the one to pick up.
  • Fables #146 - Oh good, another origin story coming on the horizon. And in the meantime, Grimble appears to be having too much fun as a bird.
  • Powers: Bureau #12 - So, that's the end. Sort of. As much as I've grown to like this series, I'm not willing to wait a year between issues. I may buy future trades, but I'm not going to go for single issues again.
  • Doctor Who 12th #2 - Just how many wars did the Time Lords get involved in? Seriously, this race that didn't get involved seems to have often gotten their hands dirty, both within the regular series and in the comics. Sheesh. Maybe the Doctor really left to get away from the warmongering hypocrites.
  • Peanuts V2 #23 - I'm not sure what to say about this book. It's good. It's consistent. I like the Schulz pieces the best, but there are times the newer stuff almost reaches those heights. It's nostalgic and fun at once. I like this comic.
  • Nov 26th
  • Aquaman #36 - Atlantis itself is an entity... ok. I like the method Aquaman picked to figure it out. It's turning into a nice little mystery. I'm fairly certain I won't like the end. Any time Aquaman's mother turns up... well, the track record just hasn't been that good.
  • Secret Origins #7 - The Flash, Huntress and Superboy. I liked the first two, I couldn't make heads or tails out of the Superboy story.
  • Red Lanterns #36 - Leave it to Guy to end up teleporting into the worst possible situation. The new 52 universe is still throwing me, I was a little shocked that Cyborg and Guy weren't friends, or at least associates, already.
  • Batman '66 #17 - The art didn't work for me in this one. The story was cute and all, but the art just made me not want to read it.
  • Batman Beyond Universe #16 - So, that's the end. Ok. I suppose it works out.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #6 - Oh joy! Part of another crossover! Yay! *sarcasm off* This book made a little bit of sense despite being part of a crossover, but I'm really stick of crossovers, personally. But I guess that's a problem with being a comic book fan.
  • Oddly Normal #3 - This book is awesome and I'm so glad to have it back. I remember a lot of it, but frankly I'm still pleased. I look forward to each new issue.
  • Future Proof #2 - I'm still not sure what this book is really about, and this issue doesn't really clarify.
  • Steampunk BSG 1880 #4 - And... that's that. It was a fun little ride. Not something that would be all that cool to people who weren't already fans of the original series, but neat and nostalic.
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales from Oz #4 - A done-in-one that explains the relationship between several characters. And why a witch became wicked in the first place.
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #5 - That final page made me squee in utter happiness. I don't know why, I'm not a particular fan of that genre of stories. But I was still in glee at seeing it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seahawks... what???

So... five minutes left in the game and the Seahawks were down 12 points.

Then they scored 15 points in 44 seconds.


I hadn't quite given up, but I was fairly certain the Seattle season was over. So I just watched because you always watch to the end. Then they got a TD. Not enough time, I said.

I didn't believe until the onside kick. That recovery was beautiful. Not in the slightest bit expected, either. I was shocked. But suddenly a spark of hope lit up within.

When they got the second TD... THEN the 2-point conversion... I was stunned. Simply shocked. With the time left, I knew Green Bay had a good chance to tie it, and a decent chance to win, but the Seahawks finally arrived and actually played the freakin' game.

Hubby-Eric and I had the quake monitor going, too, so we were getting about 10 seconds advance notification of big plays. The stadium really shook when there was a big play. So we saw those TDs coming.

I was disappointed when the Packers scored a field goal... it was very nearly tipped, but the tie was better than a flat out loss. When the 'Hawks won the toss, again I felt a great deal of hope. And when the quake monitor showed a HUGE jump, both Eric and I watched intently as the Seahawks won on that final TD in overtime.

Now to see who they will face in the Superbowl... and to get ready for two weeks from now. Wow.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Morning Thoughts

I submit to you that any person who feels that they must defend their almighty "god" by killing non-believing blasphemers is not actually worshipping a god. If their god is so weak that it cannot handle a little blasphemy from a non-believer, it's not only not divine, it's simply pathetic. If it has to be defended by its "true-believers," then it's simply false... utterly non-existent.

In addition, those people who are "defending" their "god" or the prophets are clearly faithless. They simply haven't got any faith at all that their "god" can defend itself, so they feel they have to take murderous action. They are faithless murderers. They may claim a particular religion, but they are liars. They aren't religious, they are people who are so mentally weak they cannot trust god to take care of himself. They may claim to be Muslim or Christian, but they are faithless... and because of their lack of faith they actively work to destroy the religions they profess to believe while claiming to be supporting those religions.

That said, don't mistake the faithless for the people who truly believe in God. People who are secure in their faith smile wryly at the antics of non-believing blasphemers, shaking their heads. The truly religious know that God has a sense of humor and are not offended, just sad that other people do not share their faith. They do not kill to spread the gospel because they know the only way to prove their religion is true is to live good lives.

The only thing the faithless murderers are proving is that they are worshipping a false god.

Je Suis Charlie