Sunday, November 24, 2002

Bedtime Story: Hubby-Eric and the Hungry Couch

Once upon a time, a nice guy named Hubby-Eric lived in a house with his wife. They were usually quite happy, except for when bad things happened.

One bad thing that happened to poor Hubby-Eric was that he sometimes lost his keys.

The first time this happened, he grumped and growled and then both Hubby-Eric and his wife searched the house from top to bottom looking for the keys. But they never found them.

And some time later (we're talking months here, if not years), it happened again! Hubby-Eric again grumped and growled and both of them searched high and low, but they never found the missing keys.

And then, one day (today, in fact), Hubby-Eric was sitting on the couch (ok, it's actually a loveseat) minding his own business when he felt and heard his current set of keys sliding out of his pocket. He pulled the cushions off the couch, but the keys weren't under the cushions. Then he moved the couch, but the keys weren't on the floor!

So he called in wifey, and the two of them lifted the couch and were rewarded by the sound of the keys moving around inside. Turning the couch over to its side, they found that the bottom of the couch was covered in fabric, and that the keys couldn't just fall through. In fact, there was no easy way to get at the keys, except by performing major surgery.

And so they got an X-acto knife, and split the belly of the hungry couch, and Hubby-Eric reached in and pulled out...

The first set of missing keys!

Then he reached in again, and pulled out...

The second set of missing keys!

And the third time he reached in, he pulled out the keys that he had just lost.

And so Hubby-Eric lived happily ever after (at least that night) with his wife and the slightly less fed couch.

The End.