Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Random Thoughts

For any Bothell Bloggers reading this, the Bothell Blogger Bash is tonight, at 7pm and lasting til no later than 8 or so pm depending on turnout, at The Lyon's Den (just across from the Post Office).

Digital camera memory cards are tough. Via /.

I agree... best eBay auction ever. Thank you, Fanboy Rampage.

Excellent interview with Larry Young at Near Mint Heroes. If that's not enough to get you to go there, Shane has also put up some Astronauts In Trouble mini-comics (with permission) that are a cool read.

The Hurting reproduces some of my images of Artie on the road trip, and guesses at where they were taken. He's absolutely correct, of course. If you read the troll's page, it confirms both shots as being right where Hurting thinks they are. And yes, I really like Weed. It's a great town to stop in on the trip down. I do wonder about the name sometimes, though.

Via Mark Evanier, an interview with Jim Mooney. Yes, he did an Aquaman story way back when.

The Curmedgeons point us to the 25 All-Time Greatest Covers of American Comic Books. Some very nice choices.

The much anticipated Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber San Diego Con Report is now up for your reading pleasure and pain.

PvP is offering free strip syndication to newspapers. I've already written to the Seattle Times and suggested they take him up on the offer.

Today in Alternate History has a primer for people who don't understand the many alternate histories being covered.

I don't remember where I saw this meme, but it's an interesting one. Check the tag on the shirt you are currently wearing and see where it was made. The one I've got on says "Made in Honduras".

Don't believe the media, the Kerry post-convention bounce was huge. And in other news, the Current Electoral Vote Predictor site has started an RSS feed for their daily news, which means I'll actually remember to keep up with it.

Ashcroft ordered public libraries to destroy documents that "include information on how citizens can retrieve items that may have been confiscated by the government during an investigation." The Department of Justice backed off when the ALA protested.

This is a flower on a vine, and it's above my head so I wasn't sure if I could actually get the shot. I think I managed ok. The flower is incredibly intricate, I'm sure somebody could tell me what it actually is. All I know is that it's very strange-looking and neat, and it lives in Nancy's Garden.