Saturday, October 08, 2005

Brain... Not... Functioning... Thoughts

Way Cool Beer Commercial. I like the neat effects. Via Tom.

Johnny B's NFL predictions. He says Seattle is gonna lose again. He's been half-right on Seattle so far.

Robofish at London Aquarium. Considering how often Aquaman is attacked by robot fish, I figured I had to link to this one. Via /.

Free NASA Manga.

Rachel Hartman tells us about HAUNTED DUCKS!!! So, they aren't only sinister now, they are also haunted...

Elayne directs us to a neat way to deal with trolls, if you feel like wasting time with them: disemvowelling. I do, however, agree with Elayne that giving them any attention is probably too much.

One Million Dollars for the SAFE capture of a live Bigfoot, Yeti, Lake Monster, Sea Serpent, or other cryptozoological specimen.

The NY Times reviews another book I'm going to have to check out from the library. "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" looks like something I'll enjoy.

There is something really cool about channel surfing, and coming across a hockey game on the CBC. As an aside, I liked the headline on the NHL site when I first visited today: "It's Hockey Night in Canada!" It just seems like the world isn't quite right if the Northern Neighbors aren't playing their national game.

Hurricane news: Stan hammers Mexico.