Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Random Thoughts

Of the series listed here that I've read, I enjoyed them all, so maybe I ought to hunt down and read the rest.

Bully's Ten of a Kind: Surprise Visitors.

Augie on the Commodore 64. Yup, my family had one. Everyone did. It changed home computing forever.

Dave has thoughts on the new US Dollar coins.

William Gibson on readers.

Virginia Hey hates the first three images of her that show up in a Google search. Anyone know how to Googlebomb images so she can get some better pics at the top?

Lea Hernandez is having school district problems.

I have to admit, I like Hiro too. And that's the second casting rumor from Heroes I've heard that I like. I need to catch up on this show.

UCLA Taser-Cop has violent history. Eek.

How about something to wipe away all the bad thoughts? Here's a nice bowl of pugs:

Bowl of Pugs