Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Linkdump of 2006

Diamond screws over the West Coast yet again. Last week it was most of the DC books not delivered to the West. Next week it's Civil War. Can't we break up the Diamond monopoly? Oh yeah... that's been tried.

The Bad Astronomer celebrates New Year by completely confusing the issue. Ok, I admit I followed most of his explanation. But it's still a bit much.

Augie tells us that mileage estimates are about to be calculated using realworld scenarios, instead of ideal scenarios. This is a good thing, as more realistic numbers will lead to better understanding of fuel consumption by the average driver. I can dream.

Here's a good rant about children reading, and how reading is perceived as they grow older. It's not enough to teach children to love reading, we need to teach them that it's cool to read too. I was lucky... I grew up in a family that loves books and both my parents read to me. There was never any negative comments about reading, and I could always weedle a book out of my dad if I tried hard enough.