Monday, January 29, 2007

Linkages For A Monday Afternoon

I just put up another round of eBay auctions to support KBTC. We haven't started selling hubby-Eric's Green Lantern stuff yet, but that'll come soon, I think. I know at least one reader of this blog bought an item off me in the last round of auctions, and I thank you kindly for supporting PBS through us!

I laughed aloud at this one: Poorly Positioned Firing Squads.

The Dorothy folks have announced the shipping date of the much-delayed chapter seven. If you ordered it, look for it on February 28th. If you didn't order it, why not?

Those same folks also alert us that The Baum Bugle is out, a fact which I can confirm as hubby-Eric's copy arrived in the mail today.

Ha! Check out the poster on the wall in this comic. I'm surprised I didn't notice it in previous strips (I checked, it did appear, along with some other interesting posters).

The Templar Arizona Preorder Project worked! $3227 was raised to get the story onto paper. You can still preorder and keep up with the news on the project. Congrats to Spike for the success!

If you have access to the NY Times page (free registration, I think), check out Unhappy Meals, which is about what you need to eat. It's all pretty obvious, until you start to compare it to what you are eating in general. Then you realize that most of this country has a long way to go to get to healthy eating habits.