Friday, January 12, 2007

Links and Friends

Emerald City Comicon gets a little press. It's a great show, I will be attending again this year. Looking forward to meeting Brian Wood.

BIG updates from the former Henchman Publishing, now Do Gooder Press, LLC. In short, PS238 is going monthly, Nodwick is going to back-ups, and PS238 is also coming to the web. Go read the entry for full info, but I'm wishing Aaron Williams lots of luck on this one, and will try to keep mentioning updates as they come. I firmly believe that PS238 is the best superhero book out there right now, and perhaps the best comic out of all that I read.

Another use for TiVo (remember, if you get one, please put tiktok at eskimo dot com in as your referrer and maybe Eric and I will eventually get an upgrade), listening to podcasts about Dorothy. That's right, I put the podcast up on the TiVo and listened to it. No special software required, even.

And lastly, if you have any good thoughts or vibes or even prayers to send, please send them to my friend Leah Adezio. She's in the hospital. Leah was my roommate at the 2000 San Diego Comicon, and she's a big reason I had so much fun. In the following image, Leah is in the upper left (the other folks are John Coates, Nick Cardy, and myself).