Saturday, January 27, 2007


Up in arms about the very odd teaser image released by DC? I'm not. No Aquaman = No interest. Besides, it looks like somebody took figures from a larger image with a different background and inserted them like colorforms into this image. Show me the real image, instead of the badly pasted teaser image, and maybe I'll try to pretend some interest.

Kurt Mitchell and the Justice Society. Now I suddenly want to buy those books... hmmm.

Leonard Kirk gets a root canal. Ouch.

Polite Scott sums up my feelings exactly on the new Bridge to Terabithia movie.

Bully stars in a movie. Oh dear. Don't say I didn't warn you. Via Bully.

Self-Link: Who's the Number One Aquaman fan?

Cartwheels in a Swimsuit at the South Pole. BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!