Monday, January 22, 2007

Morning Thoughts and Links

Regarding DC's "secret message" about 52: Is it really a secret if everyone already knew? I mean, with events both in 52 and other books I'd already figured it out. Hadn't everyone? I still don't know what it means in relation to 52, but it's not like it was a surprise.

On-line comic of 1984, with lots of supporting materials. The first two chapters are up now.

Bully shows us the Disney Multiverse.

Scott Adams describes the cure to his condition, and is pretty persuasive.

Diane Duane on "Goody Two Shoes".

Get a First Life. Note that the parody has a link at the bottom asking for "Comments or cease and desist letters?" Linden Labs, who created Second Life (which this is a parody of) sent a letter. The letter is a MUST-READ.

How to buy condoms cheaply.

The Poe tribute continues, despite last year's near-disruption.