Sunday, January 28, 2007

Playing With New Blogger

I'm not really interested in dealing with the template fun stuff yet, so I'm mostly working with the new labels/tags for posts. Lovely system, well overdue. Indeed, just about every other piece of blogging software had tagging a long time ago. I can't say I like the implementation, particularly for my FTP blog, as it eats up disc space I haven't got. But for the blogger/blogspot posts, it's very nice.

They also put it in its own css class, so I was able to style it to my tastes. That was useful. I'll be playing with my other blogs over the next few days, and updating tags on this blog. The one set of tags that is complete on this blog is the "Ripples Through Time" tag... but we'll see if that's actually useful as I go along. Eh, I'm enjoying myself. That's the important thing.

My upgrade to new Blogger was quick, relatively painfree, and apparently didn't lose any of my archives (as other people have reported). It took less than 5 minutes to convert. I already had a gmail account, so that wasn't an issue. They seem to have worked out the kinks now.

Update: Just discovered this problem and I'm oddly upset about it. How useful is it, really, to only have the last 20 posts under a label available? C'mon, Blogger. You can do better. Fix it for people who don't want to lose every single thing they've worked on with their templates over the last few years.

And believe me, now that I've played with the new Blogger templates (I created a new blog specifically for that purpose), I really hope I never have to switch over. You have to learn a whole new set of coding if you want to personalize it. I don't even have a clue where to start in converting my current template over to it... I only know that it would take a long time just to get back to where I currently am, which is annoying at the least and aggravating at the worst.