Friday, January 26, 2007


Bigfoot found footless.

The Barenaked Ladies on DRM, again. BNL has the most sensible position on the problem I've seen, and as a result I'm staying a fan.

The ALA (American Library Association) released the winners of their various awards. Go check 'em out. I've read at least one of them.

Google Video Link: Turkish Star Wars (1982). I don't think I'm likely to watch the whole thing, but the bits I did check out were amazingly awful. With Google video you can start loading where you put the slider, so go check out random bits.

If you think bunnies are cute and fluffy and innocent... go check this out. Oh. My. I love the narration. Reminds me of my Dad.

National Gorilla Suit Day

I may have linked to this before, but Reason Magazine's write-up on the broadcasting hijack of a Doctor Who story is just too well done to pass up.

DI is trying to go to print. I need to look under the seat of the car, in the couch, and anywhere else there might be loose change to pre-order me a copy of the book.

Rumor mill: Muppet Show Season Two on DVD and more Muppet TV. Rumor alert: Take both links with a grain of salt!

Banning Wikipedia as a citation source. Well, duh. You don't cite any type of encyclopedia in a research paper. Wikipedia is an on-line encyclopedia. It's good for basic overview and as a starting point for looking for more information. But it's a tertiary source at best, and should never be cited in a paper. Unless the paper is about Wikipedia.

Google uses algorithm to defuse Googlebombs. In short, no more Googlebombing. Discussion on Slashdot.

Oh my goodness, it's for real. I thought it was a Daily Show joke. Stephen Colbert is "Z".

Colbert as Z

I have discovered another reason to love our TiVo. I like watching Olbermann, but can't stand any coverage of American Idol. So now I can wait until Olbermann is half over before I start watching it and fast forward through the ads and the Idol garbage. Very nice.