Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Links

Watching the game, trying not to cringe, compiled some links for you all...

Update: 1:11 pm - Seahawks kept it close, and at the end of regulation... tied 24-24. It's into overtime. I hate NFL overtime.
Update: 4:13 pm - The Seahawks made it a game. And my main objection with the way NFL does overtime was moot by the time it finished, as both teams got to go on offense. Ah well... now I can cheer on New Orleans without guilt.

Bully is once again posting stuff you ought not to miss, including a new Fun Fifty of 2006. If you aren't reading Bully's Blog, you should be, but I'll keep linking to him anyway.

Knitting Club Shut Down By Bank, because a bunch of stodgy old bankers decided that so many people couldn't possibly be interested in yarn, and decided the company providing the yarn was a scam.

I'm suddenly looking at the squirrels who live in our trees in a whole 'nother light.

Boing Boing Links:

Warnings about crippling DRM on the iPhone.

Free on-line courses for people who like to learn. And if you want to learn... I did not know that yesterday!

The comet is visible in daylight. Cool. Maybe I'll be able to see it today, with the skies clearing up.

Water Intoxication can kill you.