Sunday, January 07, 2007

Um. Go Seahawks!

So, I watched the game in fast forward last night, like I said. It was actually a pretty exciting game. Very nice of the Cowboys to give us the win. I wish the Seahawks had played it all a bit better, but at least the result gives them another chance to play. The officiating was as bad as last year. In fact, I kind of wonder if they gave the Seahawks this game like they gave the Steelers the win in the Superbowl last year.

I don't expect the Seahawks to get past their next opponent. Both Chicago and New Orleans are strong teams this year, and the 'hawks never pulled it all together. And if the Seahawks end up playing against New Orleans, I might have trouble deciding who to root for (ok, not really, but I like New Orleans this year, so if they play the Seahawks and win, I won't be as disappointed).

Update: They're playing Chicago. I have very low expectations for this one. Go Seahawks, but wow... they're up against it, aren't they?

And, oh yeah, Johnny B called it. I've been forgetting to link to his predictions, but he's still making them, and he's still doing well. Unless I'm much mistaken, he's 4-0 for the weekend.