Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eek! Another Linkdump!

Mercury Studios directs us all to read Flytrap: Episode One and Flytrap: Deep, too for FREE! You just can't beat "Free" as a price for a new and different comic book.

NYCC seems to be having some of the same problems as last year. Much to the detriment of early panels. But otherwise it seems pretty fun.

Brian Wood posts a Northlanders Promo Image. MMMmmmm. Tasty.

I want. Who wouldn't want a cuddly crocheted Dalek? Really?

A Boy and His Frog (YouTube). A tribute video to Jim Henson, set to the music of FilkerTom.

The Door of Science. The oddity of being a scientist and a woman with men around you who aren't sure whether to be gentlemen or just fellow scientists.

Ok, it's a funny quote. Just trying to imagine it.

DRM Causes Piracy. So says Eric Flint, author and Editor at Baen Books. And he backs up his position with solid numbers.

Thirteen Dots Unlucky?

Navigate the pitfalls of copyright law, with a nifty interactive flowchart.

Why would anyone be opposed to a $5 rental that could save lives? Nicole Brodeur looks at the issue.

I've often wondered why we aren't using tidal power to generate electricity. Here's an article about some efforts to set up generators in Puget Sound.

A piece of software attempts to determine if you are using a pirated key, then deletes files on your computer if it thinks you are trying to pirate the software. Not a good idea, in my opinion, simply because of all the things that could go wrong (what if someone mistypes a key and the program thinks it's a pirate key?). Slashdot debates it, and Boing Boing has more.

Seattle area quilters help the world.

MetaFilter takes on Conservapedia - because if you can't deal with reality, you should create your own!

Muggers beware! Don't mess with the elderly! They may look weak and harmless, but you never know when you'll run into a retired soldier that fights back.

Oregon Sentor has dangerous elderly terrorist women arrested for attempting to speak with him in his office.