Monday, February 26, 2007


Best moment of the Oscars: Al Gore pulling his "My fellow Americans" bit with Leo and being cut off by the orchestra: thus poking fun at himself, the Oscars, and the people hoping he'd declare a run for President at the Oscars. It was very nicely done, and got a belly laugh from hubby-Eric and I. The rest of the show was ... typical.

Another ten of a kind! Go Bully!

Unintentionally amusing team-up: Sci Fi and Virgin. Oh dear. I can hear the snickering from the peanut gallery already.

Follow the Golden Arches. I predict really crappy McD's food in my future, as they are having a Wizard of Oz promo in their Happy Meals.

Journalista reports on Monthly Shonen Jump being shut down, as it's lost its audience to competing mangazines. Weekly Shonen Jump will continue to be published. Note that the sales on Monthly Shonen Jump have dropped to 370,000 copies per month... numbers any American comic book would kill for.

The Alcatraz Redemption, DI covers the only successful escape from Alcatraz... well, sort of.

Doctors who play video games have steadier hands?

We need to sort out Wi-Fi laws, as this story makes clear. If a public Wi-Fi spot is left on after hours, is it a crime to use it?

Fourteen Years Ago, a new Sci-Fi show premiered. The actual premiere in Bellingham, where I was living at the time, was the next day.

Ok, this whole James Cameron finds Jesus' tomb and makes a documentary thing is silly enough, but ... DNA tests? Just whose DNA are they comparing?!?? (For the record: I certainly believe Jesus could have been married and had a kid or two, he was 30 when he started his ministry after all, and considered a relatively normal guy before then. I don't expect it to be proven, though, as all evidence is 2000 years old.)