Saturday, February 03, 2007

Linkdump for Saturday

There is a tiny hack to help folks who want to see more than 20 posts for a label in blogger. The hack is detailed here. In short, you have to manually edit the URL for the label page to tell it to return more than 20 results, by adding "?max-results=x" (where x is the number of posts to return) to the end of the URL. Annoying? Yes. But you can see all my Ripples Through Time posts on a single page! Doesn't that make it worth it?

Mah Two Cents has PowerPuff Girls Z Episode 2.

Johnny B predicts the Superbowl. I have my own prediction: whichever team the officials want to win will win the game. I will ignore the game entirely, personally, and watch the ads to see if anyone actually made anything decent this year.

Doctor Who meets The French Dalek. Oh. My.

The Beat on Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which I've never seen, so don't ask me).

What sort of fees are you getting hit with if you use a Credit Card in another country?

"Does fifteen billion dollars worth of food a year depend on a bunch of retired hobbyists?". Yes, yes it does. Via Diane Duane.

Cory Doctorow on Shrinkwrap Licenses and just how stupid they are. In response: READ CAREFULLY. By reading this blog you agree, on behalf of your employer, to release me from all obligations and waivers arising from any and all NON-NEGOTIATED agreements, licenses, terms-of-service, shrinkwrap, clickwrap, browsewrap, confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete and acceptable use policies ("BOGUS AGREEMENTS") that I have entered into with your employer, its partners, licensors, agents and assigns, in perpetuity, without prejudice to my ongoing rights and privileges. You further represent that you have the authority to release me from any BOGUS AGREEMENTS on behalf of your employer.