Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Oh man, it's so hard dealing with new technology (YouTube link). Go, look. Do you have that problem with opening it? Via Tara Tallan (read Galaxion!).

Comic Book Resources chats with Phil Foglio about the web success of Girl Genius.

Rob at The Aquaman Shrine interviews Norman Alden, the voice of Aquaman in the first few seasons of Super Friends.

Polite Scott provides us with Valentine's Cards from the Legion of Doom and More Valentine's Cards from the Legion of Super-heroes.

John Barrowman & Ruthie Henshall - "Anything You Can Do". Get that gal on Torchwood. Via (postmodern barney). There's a longer clip of backstage stuff with more of John Barrowman, including a bit with Russell Davies, here.

If you want your blood to boil, read some of Lea Hernandez' recent entries about how her new house is coming together... or not, as the case may be. Why do people feel it's ok to steal from someone who already lost everything?

That didn't take long: processing keys for Blu-Ray AND HD-DVD extracted by hackers. Companies waste millions of dollars on trying to create hacker-proof DRM, when they should by figuring out how to make profits in the new paradigm. It's possible, but they're too stuck in the past to adapt to reality.

Stupid cats: Worst Turn Signal Ever and Monorail Cat Animated.