Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Links

Definitely worth reading: The Australian Treasurer makes a snarky comment about comics, is smacked down thoroughly for it. That's how we make comics popular with all the population again... get politicians to make stupid remarks about them.

Another definitely worth reading: Naruto: bigger than Spider-Man? The Beat's summary of the original article is very well-done, and I seriously recommend folks take a look at it.

Marv Wolfman watches 300.

Amy Unbounded Fan Art.

Mark Waid on the perils of writing a book with lots of secrets in a shared universe where said secrets make up part of the foundation of other books.

BWAH-HA-HA-HA!! I don't know why I find this one laugh-on-the-floor hysterical, but I do.

Honeybees are dying in huge numbers, threatening US crops.

Trying to do some upkeep, changing e-mails to my new domain... it's been an adventure. I can't believe how many on-line accounts of some sort I have, and worse, how many I actually care about and visit on a daily basis! However, I've taken some advice from someone else (can't remember who now) who owns his own domain who told me he set up different e-mail addresses for different companies he signed up with online so he could tell if they sold his address to someone else. I figure that as long as I'm changing the e-mails in the first place, I might as well sort 'em out so I'll know where the spam is coming from. Let's see if it works!