Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Links

I'm still not sure whether or not I have the flu. I feel awful, but I don't think I feel awful enough to say it's the flu for sure. I'm still going to take it easy. This iteration of the flu is pretty bad (two girls in Seattle have died from it, and a woman in BC, if I remember right) and wasn't in the flu shot (not that I ever get the flu shot anymore, since I'm over-sensitive to it and get flu-like symptoms whenever I get it). If you get it, take it easy. Entire schools have been closed because of this one.

Now, on to the linkage:

If you speak French, Linda Medley wants your help. Also, Castle Waiting needs letters for the new Letter Column, so write to Linda with your comments.

Mark Evanier links to this YouTube video of Chicken Fat, performed by Dinah Shore and Nanette Fabray. When I was in elementary school, every PE class for several years started with this song. I never did manage to do any pull-ups, but I was a good runner.

Mike Sterling gives us Crimin-El amusement.

Aqualad & Robin = Goofus & Gallant?

Paul Cornell on the Gallifrey Convention. Saturday's report. I wish I was there. Really. Eric and I haven't been down to the Gallifrey con for years, and we miss it.

Len Wein Likes Jeopardy.

Hijacker Beaten. More on the Book Video.

Textbook Disclaimer Stickers and Science vs Faith flowcharts.

The MPAA thinks it's ok to sue people for violating software agreements, but they are in violation of software agreements themselves. It's only ok to steal if you are a corporation, apparently.