Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Linkdump

ACK! The Foglios were burglarized! More here.

The DC Alphabet.

Hmmm... Little Orphan Annie visits Atlantis, and meets a strange scientist with a very familiar looking time machine console. I linked to the first day of the Atlantis trip, so hit the next button to read the rest or just visit here to see the familiar time machine console.

Mike has some notes about the history of Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day in Japan.

Even music executives hate DRM.

This story continues to be insane. Why should a tech-challenged substitute teacher go to jail for 40 years because the school district didn't update their anti-virus and firewall software?!?? ARGH!!! FilkerTom has thoughts on it too. CNN coverage. And a final thought on the problem... if an innocent teacher can get 40 years in prison for these pop-ups, I think the folks who create the pop-ups and infest the internet with them should get life in prison for their part in damaging our youth. Don't you? Life in prison to spammers!!!!

Aaron Williams has some good links as usual. In particular, here's another one for the in-laws. PUG BOWLING:

And for some final fun, more monorail cat.