Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weather Linkdump

Ah, Wednesday! I've got a number of places to go... errands to run, comics to pick up, I might drop by work to discuss things with L, and swimming tonight! All in my van that has bald tires... so as I'm working through my 'netting, I look up and out the window and am stunned to see it's snowing. Ok, no big deal, I thought, it's light, it'll rain, I'll still get my errands in today. An hour later it's still snowing. But hey, it isn't sticking to the roofs or road, so I'm fine. Right. An hour later, it's sticking. There's a nice sheen of snow on the road outside. I turned on the news, to see how widespread the snow is. Nothing at all about it still snowing anywhere. Oh boy. The shops I'm going to don't open for another hour. I don't know if I'm getting out today. I doubt swimming is going to happen, as I dare not drive that van in these kind of conditions in the dark.

Oh weather, why must you mock me so?!

The Comic Treadmill reviews Tony Loco #2, which I will be doing soon as well.

Speaking of Illusive Arts, they want to know if fans of Dorothy would like to buy yellow foam bricks as a promotion. Go fill out the survey. I want a few yellow bricks to throw at hubby-Eric.

Congrats to Heidi on her weight loss! I know just how hard it can be.

MetaFilter gives us lots of handy links to the death of honeybees story that really should be front page news, considering just how it's going to hit crops in North America.

How not to impress people: write a screed against copyright violation when you illegally use copyrighted images on your own site. Methinks it's more of that "do as I say, not as I do" attitude.

ART THEFT ALERT: At least two Picasso paintings worth millions of dollars were stolen from the home of Picasso's granddaughter.

Milk: It Does A Body Good. If you have the right genes for it, at least.

Jon Swift covers Conservapedia, and a comment on that post tells the evolution, oops, DESIGN, of the tree octopi! And if that wasn't enough, Wired is also covering the story. I have to disagree with that second-to-last paragraph, though.