Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dishwasher Blues

So we just got a letter in the mail which warned us to TURN OFF YOUR DISHWASHER FOR GOSH SAKES THERE'S A DANGER OF FIRE! FIRE! FIRE DANGER, TURN IT OFF!!! if it falls under a range of model numbers and serial numbers. After determining that our washer does, indeed, fall in the range I called the number provided and talked to an extremely annoying voice-activated robot that didn't like my voice much. After it misheard my model number, I was shunted over to a real live person in customer support who quickly and efficiently confirmed that my dishwasher is indeed one of the dangerous ones. Once she determined that we used the "rinse aid" feature, which is where the danger is, she told us we have two options: a free repair from Maytag, or a $75 voucher for a new dishwasher.

Now, I haven't priced dishwashers recently, but I don't think $75 will pay for a dishwasher door, much less the whole machine. I opted for the repair (hey, it's been a good dishwasher so far, why not?). I was then told that I would receive a repair packet in the mail, with information on how to schedule my repair. In the meantime, the power to the machine needs to be turned off, and I should absolutely not use it under any circumstances.

Ok. I got a couple of issues with it. First off, the date on the recall website is February 1st. That means I've been using the machine for nearly TWO MONTHS since the problem was diagnosed and reported. I didn't hear about it until today. Second off, instead of a prompt repair, I'm going to have to wait for a packet in the mail??? What's that in aid of? I mean, first they delay telling me about the problem for a month and a half (which admittedly may not be their fault, but still!) and now they expect me to wait for a package in the mail before I can have the privilege of scheduling an appointment with one of the lonely Maytag repairmen? This really is a pathetic and minor whine, but how long am I going to go without my dishwasher? I got a party this weekend at my house, this is NOT good!

I have half a mind to turn the power to the machine back on and use it until the repairman gets here. Of course, if I do and the extremely unlikely but possible fire happens, I'll be entirely at fault. Neither option is appealing.

Time for me to figure out how to make food without getting any dishes dirty for the next few days.