Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Forth Lunkdimp

This year's Seattle Mariners Ads. None of them stand out as excellent, but "Serious Heat" and "Double Play Twins" are probably the best by a nose, in my opinion.

Men stare at crotches, women do not. Very odd study results.

My Two Yen Worth on Gachapin and the Killers.

No more blogs in ten years, says science fiction writer and professional pundit Bruce Sterling. True, I don't know if I'll keep this up, or if new bloggers will keep it up... but mostly extinct in ten years sounds overly pessimistic to me.

More copper thieves.

Slate asks about food coloring and why chefs are hesitant to use it.

Traffic Go-Rounds. Tape and plastic sculptures that adorn a traffic circle.

More on Shatner from Wil Wheaton.

I want.

Scott Adams wants to cause controversy again. His entry did remind me of my Geology Professor in college. He was a student of geology just before Plate Tectonics became accepted theory, and told his class how he and fellow students had collected data to support the old theory as part of their coursework... and basically made it all up because the data didn't support the theory and they were undergrads, so they couldn't argue the point. Then Plate Tectonics came along and changed everything, and suddenly the data did make sense. He pointed out that science is constantly evolving and changing, and "rewriting the science books" doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Makes me wonder how many facts I learned in school are now known to be not true?