Monday, March 19, 2007

Massive Lunkdimp

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #94. I think they'll announce a book with #100, what you do think?

Occasional Superheroine gives Justice League #10's awful cover the respect it deserves.

Lost Bloom County Strips, quick, read 'em before the link gets popular and it's removed.

I need to put this on the "buy" list.

Another Bully's Ten of a Kind.

Mike Manley's Blog has art from Superman #660 for us to enjoy.

Disney's New Princess. She looks good!

The word "wiki" makes the OED.

Random Kitten Generator. Awww, cute! Via Elayne.

Pal Dorian has cool Doctor Who related video. Heh. Meanwhile, Dave points out a Doctor Who gaming fan who combined his passions. Eek.

Brian Wood Supports The Troops, and explains his position carefully.

How ironic: P2P is killing piracy.

If we want dollar coins to work, we need to get rid of dollar bills. I'm totally for it.

Snow Donuts. With pictures.

Pi Gang Symbol. Yo.

Customers hate DRM, and DRM problems cause 75 percent of support calls.

This article suddenly makes me nervous about riding the ferries this last weekend. Just for the record, we rode on the Tillikum and the Kitsap.

The Business Case for using Open Source Software. It's actually pretty convincing, to me.

Ooooh, I want. Seriously, if I were rich I would already be setting up a system like this.

Speaking of, fridge gadget could slash greenhouse emissions and save lots of money.

Diane Duane on St Patrick's Day. I had a teacher in elementary school who told us that St Patrick borrowed his dad's pick-up truck to drive the snakes out of Ireland.

Ack. Local sales tax going up, and postage rates going up, too.

Thank you to everyone who chimed in. Ripples Through Time will hopefully resume tomorrow, after I've had a good night's sleep. Hopefully.