Saturday, March 03, 2007

Melon Pocky and the Infinite Sadness

Errand day today. We planned it out last night... post office, library, grocery shopping, drugstore, and speciality shops...

One big reason I wanted to go out today was to visit Uwajimaya and see if they had any more speciality pocky, particularly the flavor I got last time that I really enjoyed, melon.

We planned out three trips... grocery and drugstore first. We hit the grocery store and were surprised to find a ton of people in suits with QFC nametags on them hanging out all over the store. We were playing "dodge the VIPs" while we shopped. As it turned out, the store was having a "Grand Re-Opening" after several annoying weeks of remodeling (which we have endured grumpily). I asked one stocker if this meant no more construction, and she got a happy, dreamy look on her face as she said, "no more construction... yes..." We finished our shopping shortly before the ribbon-cutting ceremony was supposed to take place, and I snapped a picture of their cake on the way out the door.

QFC Cake

The drugstore was much less interesting and very quick. We headed out to the car to go home and found a group of drummers, obviously there to perform for QFC's re-opening, blocking the parking lot. Hubby-Eric managed to get around them with a little difficulty, and we went home. One special thing we picked up at the grocery store I'll have a little more about on Tuesday, assuming all goes well.

With one trip down, the groceries put away, we decided to hit the specialty shops next. I had called The British Pantry earlier to try to have them hold some custard pies for me, but they don't do same day holds. I should have called yesterday (d'oh!). So we decided to go there first to see if we could get pies before they ran out.

Happily, they had the custard pie, and Nanaimo bars. We also picked up some more lemon curd for me, since my last jar is nearly gone, and something special for a friend.

Nanaimo Bar and Custard Pie

Next up was Uwajimaya in Bellevue, to check out their Pocky selection. I was hoping to score some more melon pocky, but was afraid I probably wouldn't be able to, as I'd learned since my last visit that melon pocky is a seasonal flavor and considered pretty rare by pocky fans. I'd really enjoyed it and wanted to try some more, so I was hoping... but I was fated to disappointment.

They had a decent selection of Pocky, including the green tea and strawberry, and the other standard flavors. But I was looking for the unusual. I did buy another Dark Chocolate Mousse, though I would've tried a different flavor if I'd remembered that I got it last time. I also picked up the Thomas the Tank Engine pocky-clone and the Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty pocky-clone. I just couldn't resist. They were too strange.

Pocky and special treat for friend

The last trip was a walking trip, and went exactly as planned. We went to the post office to drop off 97 party invitations, then to the library to drop off a CD I borrowed and donate the latest Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat (the young adult librarian was delighted when I started donating my copies as soon as I finished reading them, as she apparently has lots of kids who want to read those Manga anthologies and only one subscription for the library, so I double her ability to keep library patrons happy. yay me.). We also picked up tonight's movie, "Chicken Little". We find that "renting" movies from the library is generally less stressful and much cheaper than any other movie service around. Although badly abused DVDs are a problem, as not all library patrons are as thoughtful and careful as we are.

The walk was a decent two miles, and took care of today's exercise. And when we got home after all those errands, after everything was said and done... it wasn't even lunchtime yet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I love it when I can actually accomplish something.