Saturday, April 14, 2007

Doctor Who

So today's Doctor Who stands a tiny chance of being canceled thanks to a football (soccer) game that's being shown live on BBC1. Amusingly, Gallifrey One directs us to this radio show in which comedian Mitch Benn laments the possibility and roots for the hated Manchester United team:

As a lifelong if rather half-hearted Liverpool supporter, I get as big a viseral kick as anyone when Manchester United lose. Um, so I find myself in an uncomfortable situation this week, you see United are playing Watford in the FAA semi-final on Saturday and I really want them to win, and win decisively. Not because I've had a change of heart, rather because the game is live on BBC1, and if it overruns there will be dire consequences schedulewise.

Something I thought I'd never say:
I hope United have an easy win on Saturday!
May sound peculiar but it's true
'cuz if they go to extra time or penalties they'll cancel Doctor Who!

[listen to the rest at the link]
It's also fun to listen to the audience laughing in anticipation. Doctor Who is definitely big again in England.

Update: Man U won 4-1. Still waiting to hear if there was too much penalty time, but it looks like Doctor Who is probably airing as I type this.