Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just A Linkdump

The 2007 Eisner Nominations.

Lea Hernandez makes sense. Listen to her.

April 23rd is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, in honor of people who cannot adjust to the new paradigm of the web. More information here.

Countdown free on-line... well, the first two issues. It'll be at MySpace/Comicbooks.

Girl's Turn: Wang Watch 2007. That last one is, indeed, impressive.

Bully's Book Club tackles Billie Piper's Bio.

Torchwood Season 2 announced.

Dancing in the Streets Japanese Style.

Happy Birthday to The Simpsons (or as grandma Katy says, The Swensons).

Geyser on the Highway. What a bad storm can do to a road. Via Aaron Williams.

Ladies Home Journal 1900 predictions for the year 2000. Well, some of them came true.

Hmmm, aren't judges supposed to read the cases brought before them?

100 Calorie Packs are a crucial part of my new eating habits, and Mark Evanier keeps finding new ones for me to try. For the record, I think my favorite so far at the Lorna Doone ones, though that'll change as my tastes change (which they seem to do every month or so).

Fast Food in ad versus real life. Photos comparing the two.

Just for the one or two people out there who don't know already: Thunderbird 2 is out as well as the latest Ubuntu Linux, Feisty Fawn. Must... get... both...

A Puglet for the in-laws.