Monday, April 16, 2007


Namor's First Story.

Interesting review of Age of Bronze #20-25.

Save Chocolate!

Saying Yes.

Space Needle Designs. Cool.

I want one of these. When I'm rich and have a mansion.

Apple Crate Art.

Doctor Who fans need to check out the Vote Saxon campaign site. "Mister Saxon". Hmmm.

This is what Seattle needs.

Vonnegut's Rules For Short Stories.

Ribbons of Ice.

Recommending Thunderbird as a Mail Client. I'm intrigued by the promise of sync with GMail.

More Messin' With Sasquatch.

Is it the cellphones? Cryptomundo, Hit and Run, Slashdot, Boing Boing, MetaFilter. HANG UP! Do it for the BEES!

Is corn food or fuel? Hopefully, it can be both.

A home monitor that lets you know how much energy you are using. I want.

Dancing Horse.

Another reason to abolish Daylight Savings Time.

Good-bye Internet Radio?

Nine Inch Nails grim future and anti-piracy labels.

Why Wear Seatbelts?

Destroying the Justice Department, an interview with someone who was there when it happened.

A Pug for the In-Laws