Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lunks and Dimps

I gotta get this.

I've always liked Vikings (I married a nice Norwegian-named boy, even), so I gotta get this.

Waiting Room. I've often thought that a good way to build audiences for comic books would be to get comics into waiting rooms, where people would certainly like something other than a typical magazine to look at. If I were rich, I'd start a waiting room project in a test market, just to see if it really does help sales/readership. But then, I'm nutso like that.

Death Note inspires kids to write names in their own Notebooks. In Death Note, the hero/villian of the story writes names in a notebook and the people whose names he writes die. I could see how kids copying that would be disturbing.

Wil Wheaton in Dork Tower #36.

Breakfast of the Gods. A webcomic with a familiar cast.

I stopped reading B.C. when it stopped being funny many years ago, but I loved the strip as a kid. Rest in Peace, Johnny Hart.

Seattle Weekly on Ellison/Fantagraphics. *sigh*. I just want it to end.

Hrm. No Carl's Jr around here, but I want the card game. Hrm.

Virginia Hey has a new acting role. She retired when she came to the United States... but... go read her entry about it.

Hubby-Eric and I watched "Thank God You're Here" and I found the improv to be non-improv-y... and Wil Wheaton explains exactly what the problem was. Thank you, Wil, for putting it into words.

I love this, three Washington state towns on the top 10 list of towns that pre-ordered Harry Potter.

Figuring out why dogs vary in size. The genetic studies could help humans some day, too.

Stanford Copyright Renewal Database project makes it easier to discover if a book is under copyright. Go Check It Out!

Saturn is turning.

Sitemeter has gone spyware. A lot of folks use Sitemeter for counting hits on their websites... but apparently it's started doing more than just counting hits.

Don't Fly Without A Copy of Rule 240.

Don't Hotlink, follow Wil's advice and use ImgRed.com instead!

Laptop Battery Hack.

Cute Link: When out of tissues, a cat is fine too.