Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What, it's Wednesday Already?!??

So I planned on writing a bunch of reviews, particularly my "long review" of Tony Loco #2, and a bunch of linkblogs and stuff... and my goal was to have it all done and posted by Wednesday morning.


Ok, no reviews done. Rats and swimming and work got in the way. But I have a few little links for you. And maybe I'll get those reviews done soon. Buy Tony Loco.

Illusive Arts Interview at Broken Frontier.

RSS in Plain English.

Two boys "accidently" run across a lesbian sex guide while looking for military books (??!??) at the library. They suffer so much from the horrible book that their father demands the book be removed from the library and each of the boys paid $10,000 for their emotional scarring. Hmm. I have to wonder, where was daddy while the boys were browsing the sex section for books on military academies? Perhaps the library should sue the father for bad parenting.