Monday, May 21, 2007

Blarg o' Links

Scipio makes me cry.

365 Reasons to Love Comics #138: Ramona Fradon and 365 Reasons to Love Comics #139: Nick Cardy.

Torvald isn't eligible?

Bully's Ten of a Kind: To Infinity.

*sigh* Iran upset over Persepolis. How dare that woman tell it like it is! At least this one is actually about Iran, unlike 300, which wasn't even about the current Persians' ancestors.

The Top Three Causes of Nosebleeds in comics.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #103. I wanna see that Wonder Woman/Xena crossover, darn it!

The Amazing Miss Arrowette.

Lest I be accused of techphobia or elitism, I joined twitter to test it out. Um. Ok.

Top Ten 80's Movies.

Doctor Who/Red Dwarf LOL.

Cool 3-D Art from Pulp Covers.

Reusable Designer Grocery Bags. I can't imagine paying $960 for a shopping bag, but some people are odd that way. Hubby-Eric and I use cloth bags for our groceries.

Race for the Cure. My team's page. Unfortunately, we need 10 for a team, so we probably won't be an official team on the day of the walk.

The TSA took his food. Congresscritter surviving on $21 a week (foodstamps amount) gets food taken by airport security. More here.

Need to fly, need ID? Make your own.

Ancient Birth Control. I'd heard of this one before. Another reason to make sure plants don't go extinct.

Jim Henson was more than just Muppets. The Cube and Limbo: The Organized Mind.

Wellington Grey: When I'm King.

A Fair(y) Use Tale (YouTube). It's over ten minutes, but amazingly clever and interesting.

Forever in Print. Infinite Copyright. The digital world is changing rights, I wonder how it will all shake out in the end?

Pyramid Cam. Cool.

This rate increase hit us directly. We can only afford catastrophic coverage, and we can barely afford that.

Radical changes coming to my hometown. I walk past that building every time I visit the library.

Why DRM is useless.

FilkerTom writes a song about LOLCats. It's turned into a YouTube video: Macro Cats. Slate tells us we can't resist them. And Diane Duane posts the best LOLCat ever, and the reason it's the best.

More Pug for the in-laws.