Thursday, May 17, 2007

Digital Cable

Comcast is trying to update all its subscribers to digital one way or another. For us, they offered a "free for one year" deal that upgrades us to digital for a year, with digital music channels and on demand, but none of the other channels. I bit. I mean, it's a decent enough deal, and the small print said that the cost after one year would be $1 more than we are currently paying. I'm willing to accept the risk, especially as I'm keeping all the paperwork.

The digital cable boxes arrived today. The extra TV was easy to hook up. No bizarre extras, nothing special. But the main TV has a TiVo hooked to it, and it was a bit of nightmare to hook it up originally. I had to pull out the TiVo hook-up directions and mess with them for a LONG time to figure out what needed to be done to add a digital box to the set-up. Of particular interest was the need to add IR emitters from the TiVo to the digital box, so the TiVo can control the digital box. I hope. I'm still waiting for the cable to become active so I can test the whole system.

And that's not the only tech fun I'm having today. I also learned how to do the GIMP scripting that I've been whining about. A long post on that subject is coming soon, so I can remember what I did next time I need to try it.