Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Distracted Links

Buy Aquaman. It's a fun book. Tad Williams has put the fun into the book in spades. And I want to see how the story ends. So buy Aquaman. This is your ad of the day.

Oh, ick. Lea writes to Marvel about the cover of Heroes for Hire #13. WARNING: the cover is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And yet it's supposedly a mainstream comic book. Yuck.

Joss Whedon Rants, and rants well.

Stupid scumbags rip off Stan Sakai by getting free sketches, then flipping them onto eBay, often damaging the original artwork in the process. As a sketch collector, I cannot tell you how much these people anger me with their actions. They make it just that much less likely that I'll get a sketch from some future artist who is afraid I'll turn around and sell it (which I would never do).

365 Reasons to Love Comics #142: Bob Haney.

The Gasoline Alley Autumn Walk.

The Millennium Bridge and its problems, with a link to good ol' Galloping Gertie.

A picture of Sea Tac Airport... sort of. One of the terminals with Mt Rainier in the background, back when it was actually possible to park at the airport without taking out a mortgage.

Ghost Hunters Hunting For New Ghost Hunter. I'm looking forward to the new season, but I wish they'd lay off the gimmicks.

Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of '07 Pugs. Humor-impaired must not visit this link.