Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Afternoon Links

Hmmm... Olympia isn't that far away... I wonder if I should plan on going to this one?

Mathematics in Movies.

Stolen Wallet found 56 Years later, to the day.

On April 11, 1951, sailor Val Gregoire, 18, was hit over the head while on shore leave in Boston. When he came to, his wallet - and his pants - were gone.

Gregoire's widow and five children were familiar with the story, which became part of family legend. But now they have proof. The wallet was discovered by a demolition worker at Boston's Paramount Theatre - 56 years to the day Gregoire lost it.
Via Carolyn Ibis.

Are American contractors just stupid? I mean, heck, I'm a casual coin collector and I'd heard of that coin!!! Heck, I think Carolyn even sent me one. Hey, Carolyn, are you spying on me with your magic Canadian Poppy Coin?

Check out J.L.Bell's entry on a new way to read The Wizard of Oz and Nursery Rhymes.

A Massive Supernova that breaks the rules for supernovas makes scientists wonder about one of our own starry neighbors.

How do you carry your mobile phone?