Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm never, ever, going to catch up on my reviews if I continue the way I've been going. So this is a new attempt to bring myself to write about the books I read. I may skip some books, and I may focus in on others. But I hope to eventually get "caught up" enough to alter my reviewing format some more.

52 Week Forty-Five to Fifty-Two: This was a solid book through to the end. It never reached what I'd consider greatness, and had very few "oh wow" moments, but it was solid. Mildly recommended.

World War III mini: Ug. This was a mess from beginning to end. It was like somebody said, "ok, let's pull together all the remaining dangling plot threads and tie 'em up... even if it doesn't make sense or contradicts what came before!" And it did contradict what came before. In short, this one sucked. Not recommended.

Green Lantern Corps #10-12: Natu is the only reason I'm still reading this book. She's the only Green Lantern I'm even remotely interested in. But she's a good one! Very mildly recommended.

Green Lantern #18-19: Why do I read this book? Not recommended.

Birds of Prey #104-105: I miss Black Canary. But the additions of other female heroes in the DCU make this an oddly compelling book. Mildly recommended.

Justice League Unlimited #32-33: This is the best superhero book that DC puts out. Bar none. It's not the best superhero book I read, but it's consistent and wonderful and every issue is done-in-one. Buy this book. Highly recommended.

Iron Man #16-17: Tony Stark as a fascist. And a bad one at that. Yuck. Not recommended.

Wisdom #4-5: I didn't like the first couple of issues of this series, because although the ideas were there, they simply didn't seem to gel into a strong story. But now the story is rocking on, and I'm inclined to even go back and give those first three issues a second chance. Recommended.

Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #3: A tad scattered for my tastes. I think each of the minis will read much better together. Still, I'm interested. Mildly recommended.

PS238 #21-22: Still my favorite superhero book, still highly recommended. If you like superheroes and you aren't checking this book out, you're missing out. HIGHLY recommended.

DMZ #17-19: I waver on this book constantly. I love it on one reading, and will be disgusted by it the next. Part of it's appeal is what makes it hard to read. The events, although ludicrous, are terrifyingly believable. Recommended.