Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Linkdump

Yay, Polite Scott is home!

Send a get well card to Kaja Foglio.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #102.

Bully's Ten of a Kind: Architecture Attack.

Death Note Banned in Beijing. Not a surprise.

Put Down The Duckie! With lots of guest appearances.

I tried to fix formatting problems on Marv's site, but failed miserably when most references said the solution was to stop using Internet Explorer on the Mac. I never did figure out why it displays incorrectly.

Who is in the Picture of Everything? Yes, I found Waldo (and Aquaman).

Doctor Who: Too ridiculous to not link to.

This is just too cool for words.

Top Ten 80's Music Videos.

Space Junk, not a meteorite. That's a bummer.

Wow, I'm glad the zoo isn't still like this. Wow.

Don't always trust the computer. Ouch.

How to NOT teach math to girls.

The Secret Death of Bees.

Terror On Wall Street: 16 September 1920.

New bio-fuel plant? Maybe.

Riverbend on leaving Iraq.

Goldy is banned in China, apparently for exposing just how much poison China puts into food exports that we end up eating.

Julie Amero, taking the fall for bad security on a school computer, is about to be sentenced.

Seattle Weather: Record-breaking. I sat on the porch with my computer for awhile until the bugs got to me. For the first time in weeks I was completely warm. I opened doors and windows, and the house warmed up considerably.