Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Linkages

Bully visits The Museum of Flight, Country Village, and The Gjovaag's House.

Send get-well cards to Kaja Foglio: Studio Foglio, LLC, 2400 NW 80th St. #129, Seattle, WA, 98117-4449 USA. She's home from the hospital, but not yet well.

The fan behind Spider-Man's black costume comes forward.

Scipio declares War.

Lots of kerfluffle over a stupid statue. My own reaction to it was to roll my eyes and move on.

LOLCats in reality.

How to fight Trolls.

Wood, Bronze, Iron, Fire, Water, Stone.

No Comment (except to say that I have seen the Star Trek one, and it was very odd).

Top Ten 80's Shows.

Congressional Food Stamp Challenge. Can you live on $21 a week? Via Boing Boing.