Monday, June 18, 2007

Pledge Drive

So I mentioned that I did a PBS pledge drive on Saturday? I was acting more as the security person for the "break room" than doing anything useful. But I was there, and I recorded the breaks to share with you. In addition to Paul, William and Ryan, my hubby-Eric and the famous Monty the Penguin acted as talent in these two clips. Paul and William start each one off, then Eric, Monty and Ryan comment on them.

First up: The Pledge Heads.

And now that you've seen that bit of insanity, check out the all-time classic, and still considered one of the funniest bits ever done for this station, The PBS Police.

And hey, if you feel like giving the station money to contribute to the continuation of Doctor Who on KBTC, the number or the website are still active. Just select a Doctor Who thank you gift, as listed in the pull-down on the website. Along the same lines, I've got more items for KBTC up on eBay.