Saturday, June 16, 2007

Race For The Cure

Me on the Viaduct

I couldn't resist.

Starting Line

At the Starting line, looking back on the crowd. Dancin' Dan is the grinning guy to the right wearing a Doctor Who cap, hubby-Eric is the guy on the left wearing a Mariners cap.

Climbing onto the Viaduct

This is just after the start, as we climb onto the viaduct via the offramp. The folks on the upper level in the background are runners from the previous group that started a half-hour before us.

In The Depths

I thought I set a fast pace for the first half of the walk only because I'm a little paranoid about being on the lower level of the viaduct. I'm told by my three co-walkers that, no, I set a fast pace the entire time. We finished the 5K walk in under an hour.

Looking Back

From the second milepost, looking back at the crowds. There were way more people behind us than in front of us. It was an impressive sight.

Naughty Laura

I noticed a number of valves on the viaduct, and kept commenting on what would happen if I opened one, so Lisa kindly took a picture of me pretending to open one. I'm still sort of curious about them. I made Dan laugh aloud at my goofy look.

More Looking Back

Another look back. The lower level is still packed as people come walking up. Dan asked how many people were walking. My understanding is they let about 20,000 on the viaduct at once. It really is an amazing sight.

The Twins

Lisa and I paused for a sisterly portrait on the viaduct, with the ferry in the background. This is a shot that is unlikely to be duplicated... especially if the city ever gets around to actually tearing the viaduct down.

The batteries on my regular camera packed out about the time I wanted to start taking pictures, so all the pictures here are from the camera in my phone. The odd distortions on some of the shots are from my movement as I took a picture. I'm wearing a black waist pack with Torvald the Troll in it, and I also have two Race for the Cure T-shirts slung over the strap. My T-shirt is the one with the best ever Aquaman panel on it.

After we got home, I used the Pedometer to find out how far we'd actually walked. Counting the distance from the bus Eric and I took, and the distances between registration and the starting line and such, Eric and I walked over five miles. The walk itself was 5K, which is 3.1 miles.