Sunday, July 15, 2007

Comic Books

I haven't actually read many comics recently, thanks to various activities. But here's a couple of stuff I've managed to fit in.

The Black Diamond issues one and two: Larry was kind enough to send me these, even though he wasn't sure how much I'd like them. The answer, Larry, is that I like them well enough. The biggest problem is that the plot doesn't seem to move much in these first two issues. I suspect (hope?) that it will all read much better together. But to make up for the lack of progress in the main storyline, Larry included two GREAT back-up tales. I may not end up liking the main story as much as the fascinating side stories that have been built on the foundation of the Black Diamond. The world of the Black Diamond is a good one, with lots of potential in it. Larry is to be commended for allowing others to play in his world. My conclusion is that this is a solid book, well worth a look. If you get a chance to read it, give it a shot.

Oddly Normal: Family Reunion: "Wet Boy"!!!!!!! Ahem. I love this book. I finished the book and the first thing I thought was "When is the next installment? I wanna read it now!" I bought the first series for the Wizard of Oz reference (witches being hurt by water), and loved it immediately. Now this book has given me another character to appreciate, in the son of a superhero family who can turn into water. Another excellent book. Go read it, and the first volume.