Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter and the Digital Pirates

Yup, the news is out on a dozen news organizations. Somebody allegedly has a copy of the book which they PHOTOGRAPHED and then posted to a bunch of different sites. It was not at all difficult to find a copy of these supposed photos of every single page of the book. It was even disappointingly easy.

Is it the genuine article? Looks real enough:

Pirate Harry

But looks can be deceiving. And even if it IS the real deal, the pages are EXTREMELY hard to read. I looked at the first few pages and the table of contents to check (curiosity killed the cat), but I have no desire to read the whole book in this format (satisfaction brought it back). Hubby-Eric has a copy on order, and I have a copy on hold at the library.

If you do seek out this copy, what you'll see is a lot of pictures of the pirate's hands and carpet, along with blurry and barely readable images of the book itself. Take my advice: wait for the real thing. It isn't going to take long.