Saturday, August 18, 2007


Heidi finds women in comics in 1982 from the con photos posted recently, and goes over the achievements of those women.

I'm even less impressed with Zuda, now.

I've been using the FoxIt PDF reader for a few years (WAY better than Acrobat). I've just learned about Sumatra PDF, which is supposed to be even faster and smaller. If you don't need extra crap, just want to read PDF files, try one of these.

Toronto 1977 vs 2007, a picture set that is really cool. Start here and keep clicking on "next day" once you've read each page.

Cyber-Eyes. Nice Design. Salad that Bites Back.

Oh dear. LOLcats, the story.

J. L. Bell on A Wrinkle in Time. I need to reread that book sometime.

Websites that block Firefox, and the people who don't care about such websites, because they suck.