Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Linkdumping

Jack Pendarvis interview at Bookslut. Jack kindly describes himself as a loyal friend of this blog, so go read it to learn more about one of my readers... er... I feel a little egotistical writing that.

Congrats to TangognaT!

Many congrats to Collen Coover and Paul Tobin as well!

How Do You Say "Kalidah" in Japanese? Oz and Ends links to Michael Sensei.

Scott McCullar's 10 Favorite Comic Book Covers.

Comcast sucks. Yet more evidence.

More Seattle Trivia.

A lawyer discusses the lawsuit against the science blogger being sued for a negative book review.

DRM: The Sky Does Fall.

What does model train software have to do with open source? A lot, apparently. In short, a court has decided against the rights of open source software, which may force open source to... well, close.

Heraldic Brain Baffler. Answer and explanation of answer is in the comments.

Amsterdam's Bike Culture, MetaFilter links to an intriguing photo essay.

How good is your area for walking? Check out Walk Score to find out.

Monkeys Harrass Villagers (who can't fight back because the monkeys are protected).

I've never heard it described quite like this, although I've seen slightly similar descriptions.

Country Village Bothell London Bus, an enhanced photo. It's the best I've ever seen it.

Cats in a box.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.