Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I didn't realize that GirlAMatic was releasing full free comics as downloads on their site (bottom of the page). Included are Compass (which I've really been enjoying) and Galaxion (which has always been fantastic). Check 'em out!

Phone bill: $218 Trillion. After the account was closed out. Ouch.

I found this article about fonts on highway signs to be fascinating. Your mileage may vary.

Paperthin battery? If the components can be made cheaper, this might revolutionize electronics.

New biofuel using e coli to make gasoline. Lots still to work out, including using non-food plants instead of corn, but it looks amazingly promising. Can we hold off peak oil?

Angkor, in Cambodia, was considerably more advanced and incredible than previously thought. The archaeologist in me wants more information.

Remember Remember.

How many of Ken Jenning's themes can you get? I got... uh... one.

For all the Doctor Who fans out there:

If I had a cat, I'd get this cat bed and really hope the cat liked it.

Mike Wieringo's Family Posts. Here's a follow-up with memorial service information.