Thursday, August 02, 2007

Scattered Thoughts

Had a candle party last night. It was surprisingly successful. I apparently will be getting some free candles out of it. Well, mostly free. I still have to pay sales tax and shipping. And I met some more of the neighbors, and got to chat with people who aren't at my house for a Doctor Who or Oz event for once. Heh.

Walked down to the library this morning. If I waited until noon it would be too warm for me to walk. It was almost too warm already. Lots of people out and about, enjoying the sunshine (aka the "burning cloud" that makes all the other clouds turn blue (yes, I'm a Seattle native)).

There are still balloons on my porch from the candle party. I left them out for the squirrels to play with, but the squirrels seem to want nothing to do with them.

The more I play with Ubuntu, the more I want to put it on my regular computer. But I still have lots to learn, so I'm trying to reign myself in. After all, I did destroy Windows on my test machine, so I need to be careful. Still, I'm having the time of my life troubleshooting and playing. I was born to troubleshoot. And Ubuntu is simply FUN for an operating system. Much to get used to, but it's wonderfully customizable (I wonder if I can save my custom settings and move them to a new machine?) and very easy to use. And most of the software I use every day is available for it or already installed on it.

Strange, I got comics yesterday, I'm sure of it, but I haven't read any yet. Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #2 is out, and I know that was in the box. There was also something called Abigail & Rox in the Land of Enchantment. I'm not sure why I got that one, but I suspect I'll learn once I read it (Oz-related, maybe?). I also got my re-order of Licensable Bear #4, yay! That'll make Nat happy. And some superhero books. Meh. I'm burnt out on most superhero books at the moment. Gimme Aquaman and PS238 and I'm done with the superheroes.

My earache treatment has run its course, and I'm feeling MUCH better than I have in weeks. I'd have to say that the medicine worked. Now I need to avoid getting sick again, so I can get more done and stay active. Being sick makes a person feel helpless. I don't like feeling helpless.

I shouldn't announce my latest milestone weight loss during San Diego Comic Con. It got buried in the general noise. I learned recently that, in addition to directly helping two other people with weight loss, I've also inspired at least three more. And I helped my husband break a bad habit with my example. The weight loss feels good, but knowing that I've helped other people makes it even better.